Loud Dawn Introduces The Surf Sisters

Two best friends share the story of their small business.

The latest line to be showcased on Loud Dawn is Surf Sisters, a small business started by two best friends who are close like sisters, Reagan and Avery. The two 14-year-olds from Florida started the company during the pandemic with homemade bracelets but have since expanded their line to include fun products like rings and pillows.

“We love to surf, and we really want to bring the beach to our customers — no matter where they live,” Reagan shared about the mission behind the brand. Partnering with the Reed Charitable Foundation, which aims to empower the dyslexic community, was important to the middle schooler as she was diagnosed with dyslexia in the third grade.

“Since then, I’ve been successful in school, soccer, surfing and our business,” she said.

Surf Sisters continues to grow, having recently landed their bracelets in their first retail store with plans for more.

“We hope to get more retail shops. We’ve always talked about living in New Smyrna Beach one day and having a small trailer where we sell our bracelets,” Avery said.

While they are on the same page about what the future of their business looks like — with an Etsy page on the forecast — their favorite Surf Sisters product differs.

“My favorite is the ‘Surf’ bracelet. It was the original,” Avery said.

“My favorite is the ‘Isla’ right now,” Reagan said about the bracelet that means island in Spanish and features the colors of a sunset. “I came up with the name because it’s Avery's sister's name and it is beachy.”

You can look forward to seeing more products from the Surf Sisters, including “a lot more bracelets,” Avery said, laughing.

By Lisa Costantini

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