Making Meaningful Change

Our family and many other families are touched by dyslexia. We are so proud to say we are partnering with The REED Charitable Foundation to not only bring awareness about dyslexia, but to raise money to provide scholarships to train teachers in Orton-Gillingham.

The REED Charitable Foundation’s mission is to immediately make meaningful change for students and individuals with dyslexia by providing scholarships for teacher training and private Orton-Gillingham tutoring; making Orton-Gillingham training more accessible to all; hosting free community education events to provide exceptional content of best practices in general and dyslexia-specific literacy education and facilitate meaningful fellowship for families impacted by dyslexia; and providing social-emotional programming that helps students with dyslexia identify their strengths and build self-esteem critical to their long-term success.

Together with The REED Charitable Foundation we have carefully hand selected every product for this collaborative collection. Each and every product that has been chosen has a connection with dyslexia. For example: for some dyslexics it can be a challenge to learn how to tie your shoes. We offer two different types of fun shoestring alternatives that aren't just functional, but are also on trend with today's hottest styles. Our featured Teacher Gift Sets have all been named after our favorite dyslexics, favorite teachers and Orton-Gillingham tutors. These amazing men and women have made a loving impact in the hearts of the dyslexics, that we love.  

To help support teachers, so they can help support dyslexia, please shop our REED Charitable Foundation Collection.

To learn more about The REED Charitable Foundation and the work they are achieving please go to:

We thank you so much for your support!