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HyGleam Candle

HyGleam Candle

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HyGleam Candles are known for their anti-bacterial qualities. These high-end ingredients burn clean and smell absolutely amazing! Their scent burns evenly throughout without ever becoming overpowering, which will have you hooked and wanting more.

  • Eucalyptus
    • Litsea Cubeba and Beta-Pinene give this candle a "Citrus Lemongrass" Scent
    • White Natural Coconut Wax
    • Amber Glass Jar
    • Wooden Lid
  • Green Tea
    • Green Tea Scent
    • White Natural Coconut Wax
    • White Glass Jar
    • Wooden Lid
  • Lavender
    • Lavender Scent
    • White Natural Coconut Wax
    • Black Glass Jar
    • Wooden Lid


  • Litsea Cubeba
  • Beta-Pinene
  • Coconut Wax


  • Candle Size: 3.5" Diameter x 4" High
  • Made in the USA
  • Anti-Bacterial Candle
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